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Ryan Reynolds Revealed Deadpool's Suit In Fine Wade Wilson Fashion Manny Pacquiao Used Tickets For His Fight With Floyd Mayweather To Fin... The Gin Blossoms Are The Most ’90s Band Of All Time

90sbracketwinnerAfter two weeks and six rounds of voting, America (or the thousands who voted in our polls) has declared the Gin Blossoms the Most ’90s Band of All Time. They beat out the Spice Girls in the championship match by winning 58 percent of the vote.

As one of the creators of this scientific bracket, I’m pleasantly surprised that a 1-seed, and an undisputedly ’90s group, won the whole dang thing. Were there other bands with a valid claim to the throne? Certainly. But at least we have a deserving winner and it wasn’t like Korn or some crap.

So, to honor the Gin Blossoms, we’d like to give them a victory lap of sorts by acknowledging the best parts of their fantastically ’90s music videos. Let’s take a trip down memory lane. Or, in this case, down Allison Road (get it!?).

Gin Blossoms join host Pat Monahan of Train for his "Patcast"

tumblr na5eoodEif1sqrsmso1 500The Gin Blossoms got started in the late 80s, and by the mid 90s, they had written some huge hits. They toured the world and released a lot of great music, and after a brief hiatus got back to touring together in 2001. They’ve survived some really difficult times as a band, and this week they tell us their story—right here on the Patcast. Click HERE to listen.

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